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51: oh hello.

so it's been over a year since i've updated. life got crazy because of school and multiple other things, but now that it's summer, i'd like to start making icons again.

and so...

big exciting text!!
feel free to request animanga series, specific pictures, american comics, things to color, real life people, subjects (japanese fashion, finnish food, etc.), and whatever else you'd like!
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49: guys there was a bat in my house flying around and crap

this entry is huge. and kind of jumbled. after the stock icons there are some anime icons... oh well. 8O i'm too lazy for a credit chart so if you want to know where anything came from, just ask. all my sources are pixiv though, and i don't give out originals because i delete them all after i icon them :( sorry!

hetalia - 76 icons
american comics - 15 icons
stock - 39 icons
one piece - 11 icons
oofuri - 24 icons

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48: nothing beats iconing 2d people

i only have a couple textures on this computer right now, so i'm sorry if the coloring on this is super repetitive! suggestions taken from the last post. the other suggestions will be taken care of next post :)

durarara!! - 28 icons
hetalia - 30 icons
blazblue - 12 icons
pokemon - 8 icons
kimi no todoke - 7 icons
reborn! - 37 icons
fables - 13 icons

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47: a little note.

YES i am still alive, school has just been kicking my butt recently, but i will be updating with some icons soon!

leave a comment with things you'd like to see me icon (include some images if you like to see anything in particular)... there's no limit to what you can request! leave names of videogames, anime, manga, anything, even something general like "hot zombie chicks" is fine. i've been at a loss for what i should icon recently so give me ideas!
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43: i don't get the kfandom so i'm expecting to get 40 "you can't icon those pictures" comments :(

i'm going to go ahead and apologise for these because 70% of them at least came out really bad, i just enjoy iconing crappy wild bunny screencaps that make me giggle... i'm too lazy to delete the bad ones so enjoy and uh sorry i'm too lazy to organise these, don't mind the random wooyoung in the shinhwa section or the random jonghyun with 2pm 8(

korean musicians - 152 icons
2am, 2pm, paran, seo taiji, shinee, shinhwa, tasha, tiger jk

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